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Get Smart

Get Smart
Home Automation + Home Security at your fingertips with
BSG Connect

Advances in technology have helped make people’s lives easier and more efficient. In the same vein, modern security has evolved to go beyond safety, protection and intruder defense to automate the home, increase efficiency and meet the demands of an on-the-go lifestyle. Bermuda Security Group (BSG), has expanded its offerings to bring smart home technology and mobile management to new builds and existing residences in Bermuda alongside their world-class, 24-7 BSG Monitoring Station, security systems and the mobile application BSG Connect.

Mobile Access & Monitoring on a Secured Wireless Platform

BSG Connect creates an easy to use platform for home-owners to monitor their security cameras, activate door locks and manage appliances from their cell phone. We know that during hurricanes and other catastrophes, landlines are often among the first to go down, that’s why BSG’s security systems are connected to our 365-day per year monitored central station via secured wireless communication with the option to use BSGNet a mesh radio network technology. These options provide seamless communication networks to help keep your smart home secure.

Keep an Eye on Your Home… No Matter Where You Are!

BSG Connect app will boost your ability to manage your home, energy and security. It’s a powerful product for control of your home right in the palm of your hand whether you’re on an extended vacation or just making a quick trip into town. This state of the art technology not only allows you to have access to your security and alarm systems, but the ability to turn off lights and appliances, monitor energy consumption and view live camera footage turning your home into a smart home.

Schedule, Automate & Automate

The BSG Connect mobile app can help simplify your busy lifestyle.  The automated scheduling features allow you to control things such as lighting and air-conditioning directly from your mobile device. For central air-conditioning systems, temperatures can be adjusted remotely to the perfect setting to welcome you as you walk in from a long day of work. The BSG Connect app also helps you be prepared for the unexpected. Set a scene in your phone to allow a combination of actions to take place in the case of an emergency. Lights can come, on appliances can be shut off and doors can be unlocked on command.


Bermuda Security Group

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